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Condition monitoring is an extremely valuable method for predictive breakdown maintenance of rotating machinery. Measurements of sound & vibrations are of paramount factor in monitoring the health of your machinery. Problem of noise and vibration control, also, have been brought to the forefront of electro-mechanical engineering field with continually increasing speed and power of present day machinery. As a consequence, more stringent demands have been placed on operative quality of rotating machines. Noise is generated mainly from structural resonance and aerodynamic turbulence. Vibrations are generated mainly by mechanical unbalance (in 50% cases), misalignment (in 30% cases), damaged bearings, bent shaft, mechanical looseness, imperfect foundation, rubbing of stationary parts & electrical problems.

Services We Offered :

(1) On site Vibration analysis and Dynamic Balancing of        any Rotating Machineries as per ISO 10816-3 and        balancing of rotating machineries using FFT.

(2) Machinery Alignment:- Laser alignment of horizontal &        vertical machines, along with measures of soft foot, for        coupled and uncoupled shafts, e.g. turbine-generator,         motor-pump, vertical pumps and cooling tower fans.

(3) Balancing of low speed rotors up to 3 tons, on belt driven       variable speed, hard bearings, computerized dynamic       balancing machines at our shop, as per ISO 1940:2003(E). .

(4) Bearing analysis using spike energy

(5) Infrared Thermography

(6) Ultrasonics Testing

(7) Design & Fabrication of Centrifugal Blowers as per        requirements

(8) Flow & Pressure Checking of Centrifugal Blowers

(9) Design & Fabrication of Energy Efficient Sturrer /        Agitator

(10) Machinery noise measurement as per IS 4758-1968         measurement using sound meter.





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